Kanye West Uses Black Panther's Wakanda To Explain His White House Organizational Model

Kanye West has thrown his hat into the presidential race, and while he's light on actual policies at this point, he does have an idea of what his White House will look like and how it will function. In a new interview with Forbes, West talked about why he is running for President, what led to his willingness to run against Donald Trump and many other topics. During that conversation West compared his White House and the overall management model to a place Marvel fans know well, Black Panther's home of Wakanda, and you can read the reasoning for the comparison below.

“A lot of Africans do not like the movie [Black Panther] and representation of themselves in…Wakanda," West said. "But I’m gonna use the framework of Wakanda right now because it’s the best explanation of what our design group is going to feel like in the White House…That is a positive idea: you got Kanye West, one of the most powerful humans—I’m not saying the most because you got a lot of alien level superpowers and it’s only collectively that we can set it free."

"Let’s get back to Wakanda… like in the movie in Wakanda when the king went to visit that lead scientist to have the shoes wrap around her shoes," West said. "Just the amount of innovation that can happen, the amount of innovation in medicine—like big pharma—we are going to work, innovate, together. This is not going to be some Nipsey Hussle being murdered, they’re doing a documentary, we have so many soldiers that die for our freedom, our freedom of information, that there is a cure for AIDS out there, there is going to be a mix of big pharma and holistic.”

As for when he decided to run, West said it began around the time he was offered the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.


“It’s when I was being offered the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Awards at MTV," West said. "I remember being at my mom’s house, my mother-in-law, because my house was being worked on, she calls me ‘son’ and I call her ‘mom,’ I was in the shower thinking, I write raps in the shower. It hit me to say, ‘you’re going to run for president’ and I started laughing hysterically, I was like this is the best, I'm going to go out there and they’re going to think I'm going to do these songs and do this for entertainment, how rigged awards shows are, and then say I’m president. And I just laughed in the shower, I don’t know for how long, but that’s the moment it hit me.”

It's certainly an interesting comparison, and you can let us know what you think in the comments.