Kevin Feige Is Still Very Involved at Marvel Studios Even With a Star Wars Project

Kevin Feige has turned the entertainment industry upside down over the past decade with his piloting of the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. The producer's vision for a connected franchise of comic book characters went far beyond anyone's wildest dreams and is now the most popular intellectual property in the world. The MCU has grossed more than $22 billion at the global box office and is moving full-steam ahead with more movies than ever before, as well as TV shows on the Disney+ streaming service. It's safe to say Feige is one of the busiest men in show business, and some new responsibilities are only adding to his workload.

It was revealed earlier this year that Feige would be producing a Star Wars movie for Lucasfilm, which is also owned by Marvel's parent company, Disney. Just last week, news broke that Feige was being promoted to Chief Creative Officer of Marvel. Feige has a lot going on, but that doesn't mean he's going to be taking any time away from the MCU in the future.

IGN spoke with longtime Marvel producer Trinh Tran this week and the subject of Feige's involvement in the future of the franchise came up. Tran confirmed that, while Feige does have added responsibilities, he will still be hands on with the MCU films.

“I think Kevin has always been…he’s so passionate about Marvel…about the characters and about the world that Marvel has created," Tran said. "He’s always going to be involved in that aspect. He’s always going to make sure that what we deliver out to the public is the best that we can do. So, I don’t think it’s going to change in that sense.”


The MCU has sustained success for such a long time that Feige can probably afford to be a little less involved with each and every project while still overseeing the entire franchise from a creative perspective. There have been several producers, writers, directors, and stars involved with the series for such a long time now that so many people involved have a good feel for how Feige likes to run things.

That said, the MCU will always be Feige's brainchild and legacy. It's hard to envision a scenario where he ever backs away from it entirely.