Kevin Smith Doesn't Think Disney Is Being Greedy Over Spider-Man

Everyone has their own take on the recent dissolve of the relationship between Disney and Sony [...]

Everyone has their own take on the recent dissolve of the relationship between Disney and Sony Pictures Entertainment over Spider-Man, with Kevin Smith being no different, as he doesn't find Marvel Studios' desires to be unreasonable. Reports about the split claim that, while Disney's original agreement with Sony earned them 5% of profits from Spider-Man films, the studio sought 50% of profits going forward. Many other factors contribute to the specific breakdown between who earns what from solo Spider-Man films and films in which he is merely a supporting character, with filmmaker Smith detailing why he felt Disney deserves a larger piece of the profits.

"I don't know if my disappointment is, 'Aw man, Kevin Feige is not gonna do Spider-Man,' although that's a big part of it, my bigger disappointment is I liked him mixed up in the Marvel Universe, that's what's gonna fuckin' go away," Smith shared on the Fatman Beyond podcast. "That's what I'll miss. Some people are like, 'You're just rooting for one fuckin' corporate Death Star to beat another corporate Death Star,' and I'm like, look, they're gonna play funny board room games regardless and shit, big business, I just wanna fuckin' benefit a little bit. I got a little skin in the game. I like these fucking movies an awful lot, perhaps an unsafe amount, we'll see one day, you know what I'm saying? I just like them too much."

He added, "I loved what they were doing. They had a great thing fuckin' going on, and some people are like, 'Disney is being greedy and shit.' I don't see it that way. I see it as, they did all the work, they made those movies earn a fuck-ton of dough, they got 5% and the toys. They're coming back to the table, they're asking for something more."

Under the previous deal, Sony had been footing the bill for Spider-Man films, allowing Disney to earn a share of the profits for their creative input on the productions, while also allowing them the merchandising rights. Disney's request of 50% of the profits also came with the offer that they would co-finance new Spider-Man films equally, with the production budgets on the films often exceeding the $200-million mark.

While Sony has offered up statements on the matter, it doesn't seem the deal is completely dead, leaving fans to wonder if the reaction to reports of the split on social media may have swayed fan support in one way or the other.

Stay tuned for details on the partnership between Disney and Sony regarding Spider-Man.

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