Krakoa Will Not Be Ignored in Marvel's New Mutants and It's Delightful

The X of Swords crossover continues this week and even more of the ten Swordsmen of Krakoa have [...]

The X of Swords crossover continues this week and even more of the ten Swordsmen of Krakoa have been assembled. In the pages of New Mutants #13 came the confirmation that Cypher is one of the chosen sword bearers of Krakoa, and that his sword is none other than fellow New Mutant, Warlock. As one of the chosen members of the group that must travel to Otherworld, Cypher finds himself in a precarious situation, if he dies on the other side he won't be able to be resurrected, at least not as himself, and his responsibilities on Krakoa make it so that the island itself pleads with him to stay, in the most hilarious way possible.

It all begins during a meeting of the Quiet Cancel, which Cypher naturally attends as the translator for Krakoa itself. During the meeting it becomes clear that Cypher and Krakoa are talking to each other about something, but it's diminished when Professor X inquires. Cypher eventually relents though and reveals Krakoa wanted him to present to the council the idea that someone go in his place to Otherworld. Krakoa fears that if Cypher goes through the gate and dies, Krakoa will have no voice moving forward. It's a legit concern.

The wrinkle of course is that Cypher WANTS to go to the battle, revealing he wants to prove himself to his fellow mutants, show them he's more than just a translator for Krakoa. Later Exodus makes his case to be Cypher's replacement, noting that Krakoa was "begging" him to stay and to find a replacement. Later still, Cypher is doing his best to continue sword training with Magik, while ignoring Krakoa's pleas, but the island nation will not be ignored. Krakoa is able to posses Mondo (who already has a connection with the island thanks to his abilities) and uses it to deliver Cypher a message. It's kind of scary and also hilarious.

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"DouglasAaronRamsey I do not like communicating this way but am left no option," Krakoa says while speaking through Mondo's stomach. "Exodus was right. There must be a way to send another in your place. You are too important to the continuance of this relationship with mutantkind and as such is true, you cannot leave."

Krakoa makes a final plea with Cypher, telling him that he can hide him in exile on the island until this all passes over. "It won't be pleasant, but you will be safe," it says (presumably he means a similar situation to where Sabretooth has been since House of X/Powers of X). To the dismay of Krakoa, Cypher turns him down, taking his place with the other swordsmen and preparing for the eventual battle.

The X of Swords crossover continues on from now through November. Next week will see the release of the next two chapters of the event with Excalibur #13 and X-Men #13 both being released on October 21. The following week will see the release of X of Swords: Stasis #1. You can find the full checklist for the 22 part event below.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)