Loki: Miss Minutes Voice Actress Addresses Comparisons to Jurassic Park's Mr. DNA

Miss Minutes, the animated avatar of the Time Variance Authority on Disney+'s Loki, seems to many [...]

Miss Minutes, the animated avatar of the Time Variance Authority on Disney+'s Loki, seems to many fans to be directly inspired by Mr. DNA from Jurassic Park. The one person who didn't notice it right away, ironically, is Tara Strong, the legendary voice actress who gives life to the character. You might think, given how quickly the fans latched onto that connection, that it was pretty transparent. Not for Strong, though, who didn't pick up on it until she heard someone else actually talking about it directly. Of course, it's not always that straightforward when you're looking at something on a page. Still, it's a fun thing to know that she kind of learned it alongside everyone else.

Strong, best known for her work on Batman: The Animated Series and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is one of the most popular and acclaimed voice actors in American animation. She shared her impressions of the role on Loki in

"I didn't even know that until I saw Kate Herron talking about it in an interview," Strong admitted in a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter. "I didn't even make that connection initially when I first started seeing some of the footage. But it is a fun comparison because they both have this juxtaposition of very high-end, modern technology with very basic, classic '60 and '70s animation. So it's this beautiful mix of things that just somehow seem to go together to create this visually stunning and exciting world, as well as the voiceover behind it. It just all seems to go together to create this enigma. Who is she? Where is she from? What's her origin story? Why does she look like she's from the '70s but she knows everything from the future. It's really cool."

She broke down just how she was coached in bringing the character to life.

"I've done several voices with similar descriptions and similar varying levels of A.I.," Strong explained. "I was the voice of the singing refrigerator on an episode of Modern Family, and initially, they wanted it very Siri-like. And then we added a little more attitude to it. So I've done that sort of thing several times, and I know how to manipulate my voice enough to sound like A.I. It's that sound where you question whether there's actual emotion behind it. Miss Minutes is such an interesting character, because initially you think she's just someone who's giving exposition on what happens to you when you get to the TVA. But by episode two, you realize she's got a little attitude. So she's a lot of fun to play with."

The first two episodes of Loki are now streaming on Disney+. If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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