Lou Ferrigno Breaks Silence After Capture of Suspect in Incredible Hulk Director's Murder

Earlier this week, police arrested Edwin Jerry Hiatt for the alleged murder of Barry Crane over thirty years ago. The arrest occurred after a break in the cold case of Crane's murder in Los Angeles, according to police. Authorities say that Hiatt, who was arrested in North Carolina, discovered a connection to the murder due to new DNA evidence. Crane previously directed multiple episodes of The Incredible Hulk television series, and star Lou Ferrigno has now spoken out about the arrest of Crane's alleged murderer.

In a statement to The Blast, and the Hulk actor expressed joy at the brand new break in the case.

"Glad they caught him! Barry was a fine director and directed many wonderful episodes on Hulk and Bionic man. He will be missed. Glad I had him to bring the best out of me," Ferrigno told The Blast.

Hiatt has plead not guilty to Crane's murder, which took place on July 5, 1985. But after the arrest the Los Angeles Police Department said that he admitted to the crime during an interview with the FBI earlier this year.


A report from the Los Angeles Daily News offers more details about Hiatt's alleged admission: "As Hiatt was led out of a sheriff’s station in May, the handcuffed, gray-bearded suspect told reporters he has been living in Burke County, North Carolina, and working at a Mercedes-Benz auto shop in neighboring Caldwell County. He said then that he has no recollection of the killing, but added, 'Anything's possible back then. I was big into drugs.'"

Crane, who also directed episodes of Mission: Impossible, Wonder Woman, Dallas, CHiPs, Hawaii Five-O and many other popular television shows, was also an accomplished bridge player before his death. Crane won 15 world championships and was decorated as a Grand Live Master in the American Contract Bridge League.