'Luke Cage' Season 2 Premiere Introduces Three Marvel Comics Villains to the MCU

Luke Cage season 2 is now streaming on Netflix, and with it we're getting a whole slew of new characters from Marvel Comics adapted for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Luke Cage season 2 storyline of a dark and bloody gang war for Harlem, understandably comes with some dark, violent, characters willing to fight it. In Luke Cage's season 2 premiere, we get to see three Marvel Comics villains make their debut, and we've got the full breakdown on them, below!

Here are the new villains you'll meet in Luke Cage's season 2 opener, along with the background on their respective Marvel Comics characters:


In Marvel Comics lore, John McIver, aka Bushmaster, was man who grew up on a Caribbean Island with his brother Quincy, stealing from shopkeepers to survive. After murdering one shopkeeper, John embarked on a path to becoming a crime boss, first working as muscle for a gun runner, then later rising in a European crime syndicate. When Bushmaster tried to expand into the US market, he began to run up against Misty Knight, Iron Fist and Luke Cage, eventually undergoing the same "Power Man" process in order to be a match for Cage. That proved to be Bushmaster's undoing, as the process mutated him over time, and after one final attempt, to merge with his son's body as "Power Master," John McIver died in an explosion while battling Luke Cage and Iron Fist. His quadrapalegic son Quincy would use cybernetic limbs (including a massive snake's tail instead of legs) to carry on the Bushmaster legacy.

Luke Cage season 2's version of Bushmaster retains several DNA strands of the comic version, but remixed for this MCU version of Cage. John McIver is a Jamaican gangster, who comes to New York to settle an old score with Mariah Stokes and the Stokes crime family. Through a combination of science and mysticism, he has his own set of enhanced abilities - like hardened skin, and increased strength, speed and agility. This version of the character will also go head to head with the likes of Cage, Iron Fist, and Misty Knight - which is exactly what fans want to see!


In Marvel Comics, Comanche was in a gang called "Rivals" alongside Carl Lucas (aka Luke Cage), Willis Stryker (Diamondback), and Shades. Comanche was a marksman and combat expert, who landed himself in Seagate Prison alongside Shades. The two got out and went straight back into a life of crime - "Hoodlums for Hire" that would occasionally clash with Luke Cage, who had gone straight since his Rivals days. Comanche still works as a hired gun to this day.

In Luke Cage season 2, Comanche is exactly like his comic book counterpart. In the season 2 premiere, Comanche is getting out of Seagate Prison, and reuniting with his best buddy from Rivals, Shades, now working for Black Mariah's crime syndicate.


In the comics, Dontrell "Cockroach" Hamilton is a low-level crook and thug who often works with Ray "Piranha" Jones. He ran up against Luke Cage routinely and still operates today. He's best known for his six-barrel shotgun that he named "Josh."

In the MCU, Dontrell "Cockroach" Hamilton is also a generally low-level crook, thug and enforcer. He's released from prison due to his case being handled by Misty Knight's corrupt partner, Scarfe. It doesn't take Cockroach long to infuriate both Misty and Luke - especially when Luke learns that Cockroach is as much a criminal to his wife and son as he is in the streets. Even his buddy "Josh" gets to make an appearance - much to Luke's chagrin.


Those are the three new Marvel Comics villains you'll meet in Luke Cage season 2 - let us know what you think of the season in the comments below!


Luke Cage season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.