Luke Cage Trailer Released Online

It’s here: The brand-new trailer for Luke Cage has hit the Internet. Just like Marvel and [...]

It's here: The brand-new trailer for Luke Cage has hit the Internet. Just like Marvel and Netflix promised, the new video shows off the series' gritty action and dark tone like never before.

Yesterday, an official poster for the upcoming Netflix series was released, depicting Luke in a bullet-ridden shirt with arms crossed over his very toned chest. The image was revealed in a tweet which also teased that today's Luke Cage trailer was imminent. Of course, the newly released video is the first Luke Cage trailer shown since the end of Daredevil's second season. And, not long ago, Marvel TV screened exclusive new footage of the series to attendees at their San Diego Comic Con stage.

Standing as Marvel & Netflix's third series, Luke Cage promises to thrill fans as a serious crime drama. Fans first met the vigilante back in Jessica Jones where the superhero ran a local bar. But, in typical fashion, the building was no more by the show's finale, prompting Luke's return to Harlem. Bidding Hell's Kitchen farewell (for now), the vigilante will certainly get involved with whatever dangers await him in Harlem as he tries to evade law enforcement himself.

After all, the ex-convict is technically a fugitive. I guess it's a good thing his unbreakable skin can deflect bullets. Unfortunately, the fan-favorite character will probably be getting shot at a lot come September.

While few details regarding the series' plot have been released, fans do know each Luke Cage episode will be named after a Gang Starr track. So, hey - we're at least guaranteed a bumping soundtrack from the series. Beyond that, fans have been left to guess how Luke Cage's casting will contribute to the show's storyline. Characters like Cornell Stokes (Mahershala Ali) and Mercedes "Misty" Knight (Simone Massick) will star in the show, so fans will have to wait and see what they're up to.

Luke Cage will be released on Netflix later this year on September 30th 2016.

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