Major X's Shocking Parent Identities Revealed

Rob Liefeld's Major X has taken fans on a whirlwind journey from the X-Istence to several points [...]

Rob Liefeld's Major X has taken fans on a whirlwind journey from the X-Istence to several points in time in the main universe, but the most recent issue outdoes all that by revealing just who Major X really is. Actually, we already know his name is Alexander Nathaniel Summers thanks to previous issues, and we also knew that he is the son of Cable. What we didn't know is who his mother happens to be, and we finally get the answer in Major X #5, which happens to be a doozy. If you haven't read the issue yet, spoilers are incoming for Major X #5, so if you don't want to know look away now.

The picks up where the last issue left off, showing Major X, McCoy, and the X-Ential on Genosha amongst a sea of Sentinels. We learn that these and the island itself are left in the hands of Aura, who X-Ential explains is going to have a heavy burden going forward but can more than handle it. He then vanishes, and Aura becomes the new X-Ential as he fades away. The island is then attacked by the Watchtower's forces, who have followed Major X and McCoy to Genosha.

Thing is, they don't stand a chance against Aura, as she uses her new abilities to control the Sentinels as an army, decimating the Watchtower's forces. She even takes out the Administrator, but we learn that this isn't the end of the threat. We then go to the Charles Xavier School where a meeting of X-Men is being held. Major X, Aura, and McCoy all show up without alerting anyone, which surprises the X-Men.

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Aura then reveals that their enemies are looking to end Major X before he began life, and the only way to do that is to kill one of his parents. Major X then takes off his helmet and walks up to Storm, saying "Hello Mother." Yep, it appears Alexander is the son of Cable and Storm, and we've got loads of other questions as a result.

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until next issue to find out more, but you can check out the spoiler images above.

Major X #5 is written by Rob Liefeld and drawn by Brent Peeples, and you can check out the description below.

"The conclusion of a tale almost 30 years in the making — the fate of the X-Istance! The rise of the X-Ential!"

Major X #5 is in comic stores now.