Marvel Reveals 'FCBD Avengers' #1 For Free Comic Book Day

The Avengers are invading comic shops for Free Comic Book Day.

Marvel Comics has announced FCBD Avengers #1, featuring multiple stories starring Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

The lead story comes from Avengers ongoing series writer Jason Aaron and artist Stefano Caselli. The second story comes from Gerry Duggan and Mike Deodato and is said to lead to the creation of one the "most dynamic and deadly versions of the Avengers ever."

Marvel is also offering free Avengers promo buttons featuring the FCBD Avengers #1 cover art of Ed McGuinness, while supplies last. Take a look at the cover below.

FCBD Avengers 1
(Photo: Ed McGuinness, Marvel Entertainment)

The cover features Blade, the Avengers' newest recruit. He joins the team just in time for the beginning of the vampire civil war.

The Avengers will also soon find themselves caught up in the War of the Realms, the event that brings the story that has been building in Aaron's run of Thor to a head.

"The story really begins when that war that's been brewing for years in the pages of Thor explodes here in Midgard," Aaron teased in a trailer for the event. "And at that point, it's bigger than a Thor battle — everyone becomes a part of that battle."

"Even though this story involves a lot of moving pieces and elements from the Thor comics and the Avengers comics, it's something that everyone can just dive into," Editor Will Moss added. "The War of the Realms is literally the war for everything so all of the players of the Marvel universe have to get involved. You can't see our characters all get together anywhere else but big, cool stories like this."

"The inciting incident is when people in Times Square look out the window one day and a portal opens where Frost Giants, Dark Elves, and fire demons come pouring out," Aaron says. "That war finally makes it here to New York City and suddenly it's not just a Thor story anymore it's an Avengers story, it's an everybody story."

The vampire civil war arc begins this month in the pages of Avengers. War of the Realms kicks off in April.

You can check out the complete list of Free Comic Book Day releases here.

"Each year, we continue to push ourselves to bring fans the very best Free Comic Book Day experience," said Joe Field, originator of FCBD, and owner of Flying Colors Comics in Concord, CA when the list was revealed. "The caliber, strength, and depth of this year's comic book titles is fantastic and independent comic book shop retailers all over the world can't wait to treat fans and customers to an incredible day of fun, discovery, and learning about comic books and comic book shops."

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