Marvel's Black Widow Trailer Explores New Comic Series

Marvel has released a new trailer for Black Widow #1, the debut of the new comic series featuring Natasha Romanoff, who is no longer operating as Black Widow. As you can see in the comic footage in the trailer, Natasha putting down the Widow mantle doesn't mean she'll be able to live a quiet life for long. Enemies from Black Widow's past will be crashing into her new faux domestic life, with a plan to take the super-spy out for good. The mystery of what led to all this will propel Marvel fans through a new super-spy thrill ride, and it looks great!

Here's the official press release for Marvel's new Black Widow series:

"What happens when Black Widow’s deadliest enemies discover a way to take her out? Find out this September when Eisner-nominated writer Kelly Thompson (Captain Marvel) and rising star artist Elena Casagrande (Catwoman) take the Marvel Universe’s greatest spy on a heartbreaking thrill ride into uncharted territory. Natasha Romanoff's world is upended when the superspy Avenger finds herself trapped in a mystery that even she can’t solve. Your first clues about the mission that could mark the end of Black Widow await in this top-secret trailer!

"It’s a bold new vision for Black Widow and one I am really hoping people can get excited about,” Thompson told earlier this year. “Our first arc has some of the stuff you would expect in a Black Widow book, but I think twisted in a new way that’s interesting – and where she ends up at the end of this highly personal and life-changing story is ALSO interesting!"

Discover all the secrets of Natasha Romanoff’s latest adventure when BLACK WIDOW #1, written by Kelly Thompson with art by Elena Casagrande and colors by Jordie Bellaire, goes on sale this September. Pre-order your copy today online or at your local comic shop! For more information, visit"

Marvel Black Widow 1 Comic Cover 2020
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

In the same interview quoted above, Thompson also teased that this Black Widow series will make things very personal for Natasha - and painful for fans:


"[Calling it a] 'heartbreaking thrill ride' is pretty fair but also hard to expand on without giving things away. I will say that there are incredibly personal stakes for Nat at that center of this story, and she’s going to lose a lot. But sometimes in the losing you can find something powerful and even necessary."

Black Widow #1 goes on sale in September. Hopefully with the Black Widow movie to follow in November.