Marvel's Ironheart and Echo Production Start Dates Reportedly Revealed

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to go to some great heights in the next few years, with a slew of movies and Disney+ exclusive TV shows set in the franchise. There are currently a pretty impressive number of MCU projects that are in various stages of development — and it sounds like two will join that list early next year. According to a new report from Murphy's Multiverse, Marvel's Echo and Ironheart solo series are currently on track to begin production in early 2022. The report claims that Echo is currently poised for a January 2022 start, with Ironheart set to follow in April of 2022.

The Echo series, which would spin out of the upcoming Hawkeye Disney+ series, has yet to officially be confirmed by Marvel. Reports from earlier this year indicated that the series was in "early development", but no updates have come to light since then. The series would serve as a solo adventure for Maya Lopez/Echo (Alaqua Cox), a Native American and deaf hero.

Ironheart, meanwhile, was confirmed at last year's Disney Investor Day presentation. The series will follow Riri Williams/Ironheart (Dominique Thorne), a teenage girl and genius inventor who goes on to create the most advanced suit of armor since Iron Man. Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Snowpiercer writer, playwright, poet, and educator Chinaka Hodge would be serving as showrunner.

"I was at home in Delaware and I got a call asking if I would like to play this role. It was the best phone call I could have ever received," Thorne told Empire Magazine earlier this year. "I was so shocked, in fact, that there was a considerable lag in the conversation! (laughs) I was waiting for them to say, like, 'Oh, we'll send you the sides' or, 'Get your tape over to us.' But there was none of that. It was just like, 'Would you like to do this?' It was probably the most unique experience I've ever had because there was no audition at all."

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