Marvel Introduces Old Man Punisher

Both Wolverine and Hawkeye have gotten their own dystopian treatments in Marvel Comics over the years, as both Old Man Logan and Old Man Hawkeye have shown readers how the characters would fare in a world where all of the other heroes had died, and they alone had so stand up to an entire wasteland. This week, the publisher introduced the "Old Man" version of another popular character, Frank Castle.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Old Man Logan Annual #1! Continue reading at your own risk...

The new Old Man Logan Annual issue takes readers back to the wasteland, as Logan learns of some wrongs that he's responsible for. In killing the Hulk clan, Logan accidentally paved the way for a group called The Punishers. These guys wear the iconic Punisher logo, but don't act anything like Frank Castle. They steal kids, murder any man they meet, and take whatever food they can find.

When Logan tried to confront them, he's gunned down in front of their compound. Of course, given his healing factor this action doesn't kill Logan, only puts him under for a spell. When Logan comes to, he's face to face with an older, grey-haired man wearing the Punisher logo on his shirt. It's the real Frank Castle, live and in the flesh.

old man punisher
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Frank reveals to Logan that the group of men in the compound have not only tarnished his name, but they've also stolen his memories, and he's going to do anything he can to get them back. Together, Frank and Logan embark on a mission to free the captive children, and lay waste to the gang of mercenaries.

Although Frank Castle is an old man in the book, he hasn't lost any of his accuracy or grit. Most of the men don't provide much in the way of competition for the actual Punisher.

By the end of the issue, Frank and Logan are able to free the children, and rid the world of the gang of Punishers, but the victory doesn't come without a cost. Frank is killed in the conflict, though he does manage to get back both his name and memories before passing away.


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Old Man Logan Annual #1 is available now online and at your local comic shop.