Marvel Confirms Two Major Daredevil Characters Are Dead

As Marvel readers are well aware, Daredevil has been locked in a different kind of battle for a few months. Having given up his life as Matt Murdock back in New York City, the hero has become Daredevil full time. He's also leading an entire army of people, kickstarting "The Fist" as a new group to finally eliminate The Hand ninja cult once and for all. Last month's issue of the series saw Daredevil come face to face with The Hand and their new leader, Frank Castle. Though Daredevil and his cohorts lost the battle, they believed they won the war after Elektra was able to steal an important artifact. This month however comes a shocking reveal that reveals The Hand has had the advantage the whole time. Spoilers follow!

While Daredevil recovers from his wounds, and ends up losing some of his closest allies who see what his crusade has become, Elektra and Stick are on a specific mission. In the previous issue Elektra was able to steal The Lunate Talisman. This sacred object is what The Hand has used for centuries to exact their control over the dead, turning them into puppets and sending their souls to hell. Elektra and Stick are hoping that by destroying it under a specific ritual. Once the talisman begins to crack however, the biggest twist of the series makes itself known. While The Hand was busy killing and replacing world leaders with their magic, they were also finding their way into Daredevil's own ranks.

As the Talisman cracks and falls apart, both Stick and Foggy Nelson reveal to Elektra and Matt Murdock, respectively, that they were dead this entire time and actually part of The Hand's larger plans. This ties back to the events of Devil's Reign, wherein it was believed that Foggy Nelson was killed by the Kingpin's goons. Naturally this was thought to not be true when Foggy was revealed to be alive but now we know we did die, and The Hand used his body to manipulate Matt.


To make the entire thing even worse for Matt, The Avengers are now knocking on his door to confront him about his recent activities. So not only has his best friend and his mentor actually been dead this entire time, but his super hero pals are about to bring the pain down on his head. Only six issues remain in the current run of Daredevil, and the status quo for the character has never felt more perilous. Check out the cover and solicitation for the next issue below.


Daredevil #10
(W) Chip Zdarsky (A/CA) Marco Checchetto
A TURNING POINT! With Elektra at his side, Matt Murdock has launched his most ambitious campaign against injustice EVER, but as recent explosive and destructive events have unfolded, he has found himself more and more isolated – and with fewer allies than ever before?
Rated T+
In Shops: Apr 26, 2023
SRP: $3.99