Marvel Divided We Stand NYCC Panel

Panel: Ryan North / Greg Pak / Natasha Gustos / Brandon Montclare / David F. Walker / Jim Zub / Al Ewing

You can't have a Comic-Con without the big two comic book publishers in attendance, and Marvel came to NYCC 2016 to preview its upcoming books and story arcs, following the game-changing events of "Civil War II."

We got a first look at Avengers #1, which is painted, and will feature characters like Spider-Man as a regular. We next got to see Ryan North's upcoming work on The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl - specifically, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe, which is pretty much what it sounds like. We also got to learn more about TUSQ #16, which is her 25th anniversary issue - written by Will Murray, who wrote the very first appearance of the characters.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur was up next, and Brandon Montclare went on to describe how Moon Girl will finally get her place as a major Marvel intellect - which will be both a blessing and a curse. Issue #15 will have a team-up with Riri Williams, and will arrive this January. Montclare thanked fans for keeping the book going.

Grek Pak revealed that The Totally Awesome Hulk #13 will feature none other than Jeremy Lin, a "hero" of Pak. #14 will also feature Lin, and the story will revolve around Amadues Cho facing some Asian-themed discrimination on a basketball court - until Jeremy Lin comes on the scene! #15 will start a new story arc called "Big Apple Throwdown," which will team up various Asian characters of the Marvel Universe. "If you ever wanted to see

David F. Walker talked about Occupy Avengers #1, which finds Hawkeye on a "walkabout" of sorts, after having a hand in Hulk's death during Civil War II. Hawkeye and his team will travel America and take on threats that are too small for the regular Avengers. It's a "working class, blue collar" sort of superhero book. Carlos Pacheo is drawing the first four issues. The team has a lot of unlikely characters on it; Red Wolf being "the most obvious" according to Walker.

Power Man and Iron Fist will start a new arc called "Harlem Burns." Harlem is under Tombstone's control, but a new player steps in for a power grab - as do Luke Cage TV series villains Black Mariah and Cottonmouth. Walker points out that '70s black villains all had their teeth filed into fangs - which will an organizing principal for this new "fang gang" of villains. A new antagonist for Power and Iron Fist was revealed: Runaways Alex Wilder. Wilder has been dead for some time, but when he comes back, he'll be pulling strings and using everything from tech to magic to become the ultimate crime boss of the Marvel Universe. Later on he teased fans that Señor Mágico could be a major presence in the book.

Thunderbolts #7 will begin a new story arc called "Caught Red Handed" and Bucky "Winter Soldier" Barnes will be leading them, after being captured by SHIELD while battling Miles Morales. Bucky will be brought face-to-face with Captain America: Agent of HYDRA, and we're told that sparks will fly when that happens. The rest of the Thuderbolt will have to decide if breaking out their "leader" is a worthy mission. After that, issues #8 and #9 will see the return of classic Thunderbolts (Songbird, Atlas, Mach-1, Moonstone) and issue #10 in February will be the 20th anniversary issue, with original Thunderbolts artist Mark Bagley and writer Kurt Busiek helping out Jim Zub and Jon Malin. The story will feature the return of Jolt! Finally, Zub teases the ominious upcoming story arc "Rise of the Masters."

Marvel Divided We Stand
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Al Ewing sets up U.S.Avengers #1 with explanation of how Sunspot converts A.I.M. into "Avengers Idea Mechanics," and ends up on SHIELD's radar. U.S.Avengers becomes a PR tool for SHIELD to use. The first villain will be The Golden skull, a future successor to Red Skull, who commands a squad of pirates. Ewing jokes about being a British man writing the book, but in light things like Brexit, it allows him to ruminate on the nature of patriotism.

We also got a look at Ultimates2 #1 which will see a new team brought together, while some mysterious force able to manipulate all reality is at work. The main focus will be on a team that has been shattered trying to get it back together. "It's better than ever," Ewing said.


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