Marvel's Eddie Brock Becomes SPOILER

Eddie Brock becomes something very different than what we’ve seen previously in Marvel’s latest issue of Venom. He got taken over by a red suit after a waking nightmare brought on by the events of the last few months. Time has not been kind to Brock and all that stress and physical punishment are beginning to take their toll on him. Captain America saw the positives of bringing Venom into the fold with the Avengers, but there is clearly some baggage there to be worked out. Venom Island might be just the place to start the healing process and it looks like the symbiote might find some help from an unlikely source. *Spoilers for Venom # 24 are coming up.*

The issue opens with Eddie Brock laying in a hospital bed still mourning the loss of his partner. Captain America did effectively drop a nuke on Venom Island a couple of issues ago, effectively wiping out all the creatures living there. But, back on the mainland, Eddie has had some time to recover. He compares losing the symbiote to the feeling of a phantom limb. But, the gut punches just keep on rolling in as his son Dylan enters the picture.

Cap leads the young boy in to say hi to his father. The younger Brock tells Eddie that he can’t stay with him anymore. When his father protests, the Super Soldier tells him that he’s been out for a few months, Knull is already at humanity’s doorstep, and with all the danger surrounding Eddie right now, it’s just not safe to raise a young child in that environment. Well, all of that is true, but the presence of Knull and the passage of time clue in the readers that something is definitely wrong here.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

A nurse comes in to administer an IV and it is Cletus Kasady with Carnage eyes. The specter then infects Brock with the Carnage symbiote and it’s revealed that he’s been on the island this entire time. (That mind-reeling feeling you have is not strange at all.) He succumbs to the red suit and needs some real help. Dylan portals to the island to save his father and comes into contact with a symbiote that will help turn the tide.The young boy transforms into a Venom T-Rex to go get his father back. Things only get wilder as time goes on in this book. Venom #25 should be no different.

Is there ever a bad time for a Venom T-Rex? Do you enjoy what Donny Cates has been doing with this series? Let us know down in the comments!