Marvel Fans Notices Incredible House of X Detail

Jonathan Hickman has worked wonders for the X-Men franchise in House of X and Powers of X, and some of the biggest additions he's made to the franchise started as unused or forgotten threads from past X-Men stories. One of the prime examples of this is in the Five, a group of X-Men who are central to the process of mutant rebirth. Like the rest of the crew, Goldballs fits into the category of promising starts but ultimately unfulfilled, as there was likely a plan for him but at some point that seemed to fade away. One Marvel fan caught a hint of that possibility in a past book, and Hickman finally made it happen.

As you can see below, during the Battle of the Atom event the X-Men faced another group of future mutants, including Deadpool. At this point, Goldballs was a part of the School, and while Deadpool doesn't recognize him right away, his trademark ability gives him away.

Once he does recognize him though, Deadpool gives a hint of what's to come, saying "Wait a second, is that Goldballs? Oh Dude, you're a legend! Can I have your autograph."

Amazing detail I picked up reading the 2013 event Battle of the Atom: Future Deadpool asks Goldballs for his autograph saying that he's become a legend in the future. Hickman remembered and made it happen in HoxPox! from r/Marvel

It seems Hickman took note of that possibility as well, and while we don't know if this panel directly inspired his use of Goldballs, we do know that what he did with the character transformed Goldballs into one of the most important mutants on Earth so the outcome is the same.

For those who don't remember, we didn't know what the balls Goldballs created actually did, but Hickman reveals they are actually eggs, and thanks to the combination of other mutants, are the core of what allows mutants to be reborn after death and have their personalities and minds restored.

They are regarded as royalty on Krakoa, so it looks like Deadpool knew what he was talking about.

You can discover the conclusion of the House of X and Powers of X saga in Powers of X #6, and you can find the official description below.


The revelatory tale of Mutantkind's fall comes to a conclusion that will lay the groundwork of the X-Men's stories for years to come! Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (NEW AVENGERS, FF, INFINITY) and rising star artist RB Silva (UNCANNY X-MEN) wrap the series that reveals everything!"

Powers of X #6 is in comic stores now. What did you think of the X-Men event? Let us know in the comments or feel free to hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all things comics!