Marvel Gives Captain America's Suit An Upgrade

Captain America has tried on quite a few looks over the course of his comics career. In the latest [...]

Captain America has tried on quite a few looks over the course of his comics career. In the latest issue of Avengers, Cap gets a brand new look courtesy of Black Panther, and the results are going to be a bit polarizing. Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #24 picks up with the team fighting against Cosmic Ghost Rider inside of their base of operations, which is inside of a celestial named Progenitor by the way.

The heroes are having a rough go of it against this cosmic-powered adversary. Thor, She-Hulk, and even Captain Marvel were proving little more than an annoyance to the Ghost Rider in front of them. After assessing the threat, Black Panther and Captain Americarun down the halls to try and help contain the situation. The King of Wakanda also informs Steve Rogers about the alterations he made to their suits.

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The fibers and construction of the new costumes allow the heroes to harness the Celestial power of Avengers Mountain. New construction details on these suits include some sort of electro-luminescent wiring that circles around the more iconic parts of each character's look. The wiring traces Panther's mask holes and the neck accents, and Captain America's star and wings are outlined as well. Some might not dig those changes.

Some fans are really in love with the classic looks for Cap or the sleek streamlined feel of Ed Brubaker's version of the suit. Chris Evans even mentioned that he's a fan of some more dialed down numbers last year when he was asked about which one of the Captain America looks was his favorite during an appearance at ACE Comic Convention. He had a very clear winner and even tossed a little shade at one of his movie looks.

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"I was really partial to the Winter Soldier Cap suit," Evans explained. "I just like that it was kind of that all-navy number. To me, it just...we called it the stealth suit. I don't know if that's made it out of what we would say on set, but yeah, the stealth suit to me was just cool, but you know, I've loved many suits...maybe not the first Avengers (laughs), maybe not that suit, but the other suits were great."

That first Avengers suit Captain America wore during the team-up hasn't aged exactly great. But, it still got a moment in the sun during Endgame as Cap fought his older self in the suit. Still, that no-nonsense suit from The Winter Soldier is how some people see the character now. Sadly there's no love for the look in Captain America: Civil War, which is a nice middle-ground between his costume from the first movie and the more modern looks from the following films.

Are you a fan of the new look, or do you hope it gets pushed to the back of the closet? Let us know in the comments.