Marvel Gives Moon Knight A SPOILER

Marc Spector's world just turned upside down, and it came from the most unexpected of places.

Spoilers incoming for Moon Knight #190, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

As of late Marc Spector has managed to find a happy medium with his other personalities, using them when the situation suits it and getting all of them on the same page. As Moon Knight #190 shows, that doesn't come without the occasional hiccups between Spector, Steven Grant, and Jake Lockley, but there might be no coming back after the shocker at the book's end.

Seriously, spoilers folks.

The fire god Ra (through his chosen vessel, now named the Sun King) has joined forces with Bushman, one of Spector's oldest foes. Together they track down Spector's ex Marlene, who is and will always be the love of his life. The two have been apart for some time now, but after Sun King and Bushman ambush her at her house they get her to call him so he'll come to the house as well. Once he arrives he isn't too happy to find her threatened, and Sun King only pushes that further with his next revelation.

The Sun King tells Spector he knows he's Moon Knight, but that he's aware of something Spector knows nothing about. He learned something when they first entered Marlene's home and has a suggestion for Spector. "Perhaps you can ask our mutual friend...Jake Lockley.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Marlene then reveals that she never stopped loving Marc, and "I need you. needed your touch, like some kind of addict." She explains that five years ago Lockley came to her and said that if Marc didn't know, no one would know, and they could be together without anyone being hurt.

They started a relationship, but she quickly learned that Lockley was not Marc. She broke it off with Lockley, but he didn't take it well and kept showing up. Marlene then drops an even bigger bombshell when she says "and that was too late. He had me where he wanted me, because... I couldn't do it alone." When Marc asks what she means, Bushman enters the room holding a little girl by the hand.

"Uncle Jake? (Sniff) What are you doing here?!"

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Marlene confirms the suspicions when she says "I couldn't raise our daughter alone", with a smiling Sun King holding a picture up of Jake, Marlene, and their daughter.

So, those hidden memories The Truth saw last issue? Those all had to do with Marlene, and the fact that one of Marc's secret identities went behind his back and had a daughter with the love of his life...well, their lives....yeah, that's a Maury episode waiting to happen right there.

So Moon Knight now has a daughter, and Bushman and a crazed fire god have here. Things can't get much worse...right?


You can find the spoiler images above, but make sure to go read the full issue, which is in stores today.

Moon Knight #190 is written by Max Bemis with art by Jacen Burrows, inks by Guillermo Ortego, colors by Mat Lopes, and letters by VC's Cory Petit.