Marvel's Captain America Shield Prop Replica Gets a Classic Comic Book Update

Hasbro has unveiled a new / vintage version of their Marvel Legends Gear Captain America shield [...]


Hasbro has unveiled a new / vintage version of their Marvel Legends Gear Captain America shield prop replica as part of the Marvel 80th anniversary lineup! This version has a glossy, comic book-inspired paint job while the previous version looks more like the one used in the films.

So - decision time! Do you get the classic comic book version or the movie version? Both are available to pre-order right here for $99.99 with free shipping. However the vintage version will arrive in October while the movie version is backordered until December.


On a related note, Hasbro recently unveiled the Marvel Legends Gamerverse Punisher War Machine electronic helmet, which is inspired by Frank Castle's War Machine armor the Marvel Future Fight mobile game. It's a 1:1 scale helmet that will fit most adults, and it looks absolutely amazing.

You can pre-order the helmet right here while supplies last ($99.99 with shipping slated for October). Note that it appears to be a Fan Channel exclusive release that will only be available through a handful of specialized retailers, so a sell out is inevitable.

Features of the helmet include two glowing LED eyes and a magnetized faceplate that can be detached and connected to the top (attaching and detaching the faceplate triggers the light-up eyes and sound effects). It also has a pretty spectacular paint job and finish - including an interior that mimics circuitry.


As for the rest of Hasbro's Marvel Legends lineup, the Electronic Thor Hammer, Electronic Iron Man Helmet, Electronic Star-Lord Helmet, and Infinity Gauntlet Electronic Fist are available to pre-order right here for the standard prices with free shipping slated for October - January. Inside the pre-order link you'll also find the Marvel Legends Black Panther Electronic Helmet, Ant-Man Helmet, and the Nano Gauntlet Electronic Fist that Hasbro unveiled for Avengers: Endgame.

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