Marvel Legends Electronic Helmets Are Up to 65% Off


Hasbro's Marvel Legends roleplay helmets are wearable for adults and include electronic features like LEDs and sound effects. They're also around $100 each, which puts them firmly in splurge territory. However, GameStop is running a one-day sale today, April 12th, that slashes the price of the War Machine and Ant-Man helmets by 50% and 65% respectively.

Indeed, you can get the War Machine helmet here at GameStop for $49.99 and the Ant-Man helmet here at GameStop for $34.99 if you act quickly. While you're at it you might want to check out the huge wave of Marvel Legends gear that Hasbro released last week for Fan Fest 2021 - especially the Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto electronic replica ($49.99).

Ant-Man Helmet: "Collectors, fans, and Marvel enthusiasts alike can imagine iconic Ant-Man moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe with this premium Hasbro Marvel Legends Series Ant-Man Electronic Helmet collectible fan roleplay item. This high quality fan helmet features premium design and detail, as well as 6 red and blue LED light FX on the antennae and jawline. Press button once for red LED special effects and a second time for blue electronic light FX. Helmet features movie-inspired design and detail, as well as fantasy-inspired interior sculpting and design."

War Machine Helmet: "Geared up in War Machine armor, James Rhody Rhodes is an unstoppable fighting force! Inspired by the Marvel Universe, this Marvel Legends Series 1:1 full-scale premium roleplay item is highly detailed and features electronic lights and sounds. In addition to 2 glowing LED eyes, the helmet has a magnetized faceplate that can be detached and then connected to the top. Attaching and detaching the faceplate triggers the light-up eyes and sound FX. With premium sculpting and design, this helmet is an impressive addition to any Marvel collection. The helmet interior and the faceplate are detailed to evoke the electronic design, while the exterior boasts a remarkable attention to detail and a beautiful finish. Collectors, fans, and Marvel enthusiasts alike can imagine suiting up and create their own heroic adventures!"


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