Marvel Makes Major Change to Ghost Rider

Marvel may have made a major change to Ghost Rider in Avengers.

SPOILERS for Avengers #14 by Jason Aaron, David Marquez, Justin Ponsor, and Erick Arciniega follow.

Since the Avengers reassembled to face the First Host, the team’s core lineup has included several Avengers mainstays. One new addition joining the Avengers for the first time is Ghost Rider.

Robbie Reyes is different from other Ghost Riders. He drives a car called the Hell Charger and he's long believed that his powers come from being possessed by Eli Morrow, his murdering, satanist uncle. Recent events, such as Robbie’s ability to use the Penance Stare, have suggested a connection between Robbie and the other Ghost Riders, who are Spirits of Vengeance.

Avengers #14 presents another revelation. The Avengers are dealing with the outbreak of a vampire civil war. They are visited by the Shadow Colonel, the leader of the vampiric faction called the Legion of the Unliving. He brings with him a demonic-looking dog creature called Sarge.

While the Shadow Colonel fight with Blade, the newest Avengers recruit, Sarge seeks out Robbie. He speaks an incantation that causes a violent, painful change in Robbie, saying, “In the name of Mephisto. In the name of Lord Marduk the Morningstar. In the name of Zatahor and Zadkiel. In the name of Eli Morrow and whatever other masters you might be serving above or below. In the name of Vengeance, I invoke you.”

Robbie then transforms:

Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes Vengeance
(Photo: David Marquez, Justin Ponsor, Erick Arciniega, Jason Aaron, Marvel Entertainment)

Robbie’s changed appearance seems to resemble Vengeance, another Spirit of Vengeance like Ghost Rider. Vengeance has butted heads with past Ghost Riders because of how eagerly he uses violence against the wicked.

So what exactly is happening here? Has Robbie been hosting Vengeance within him the entire time? Did Sarge just curse him with Vengeance's influence? It is hard to tell at this moment, but readers will learn more as Avengers continues.

What do you think of this change in Ghost Rider? Has he been Vengeance all along? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Avengers #14 is on sale now.

Avengers #14
(W) Jason Aaron (A/CA) David Marquez



TRANSYLVANIA IS BURNING! As vampire civil war throws the world into chaos, the mysterious Shadow Colonel and his squad of undead revolutionaries have one burning question on their murderous minds: Where is Dracula? And if the Avengers find him first, will the lord of the damned be friend or foe?

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