Marvel Releases Venom Farewell Video

Marvel has released a 'Venom Farewell' video, in commemoration of Venom #200, which is the end of [...]

Marvel has released a "Venom Farewell" video, in commemoration of Venom #200, which is the end of the run for creative team Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman. Cates and Stegman have been largely responsible for revamping Eddie Brock/Venom as his own blockbuster-level anti-hero in the larger Marvel Universe. The pair relaunched Venom in his own series back in May of 2018 and immediately started revamping the entire mythology to include a dark new origin and powers of the symbiote race, as well as big developments in Eddie's life, like the relationship with his son Dylan. For the end of their run, Cates and Stegman have the ambition to do no less than blow up and re-invent Venom all over again.

"We're gonna end this run the way that we started it - by exploding everything you ever thought that you knew, and setting the stage for something that's truly and honestly going to change Eddie and the Marvel Universe forever," Cates said via Marvel.

"We've got some of the coolest images in the series coming up in 200," Stegman teases. "If you thought that Venom with a battle axe with a star field on his costume with glowing eyes was crazy, you haven't seen much yet."

Over the course of a game-changing run of comic storytelling, Cates and Stegman made Venom the centerpiece of two big Marvel Universe crossover events: "Absolute Carnage" and "King In Black". The two events brought the threat of the symbiote god Knull to earth and saw the heroes of the Marvel Universe get overrun with symbiotes twice over. In the end, Eddie Brock and Dylan managed to be the keys to taking down Knull (with a bit of cosmic assistance). In the aftermath, Eddie was left with a strange new status quo: Venom is the new god of the symbiotes!

Check out the details about the release of Venom #200 via Marvel Comics, below:

New York, NY— June 15, 2021 — Tomorrow marks the end one of the most revolutionary Marvel sagas of the last decade: Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman's VENOM. The superstar creative team will close out their redefining work on Eddie Brock and the symbiote mythos in Venom's milestone 200th issue. Over the years, Cates and Stegman have torn Eddie Brock's life asunder, uncovering long-hidden mysteries behind the nature of symbiotes while exploring Venom's very nature as a Marvel hero. This bold era launched two linewide events, Absolute Carnage and King in Black, and will leave a lasting impact not only on the character of Venom but on the Marvel Universe as a whole. The acclaimed duo recently sat down to reflect on their run in a special farewell video, spotlighting their greatest moments as well as a sneak peek at tomorrow's issue.

Pick up this historic end of an era digitally or at your local comic shop when VENOM #200 debuts tomorrow!

Venom #200 goes on sale from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, June 16th.