Marvel Exec Explains Spider-Gwen's Name Change

After debuting as part of the Spider-Verse crossover in 2014, Marvel Comics' alternate version of Gwen Stacy has swelled with popularity in the title Spider-Gwen. But as the character swings into animation in the new series Marvel Rising: Initiative, she'll also be getting a new code name.

During the Marvel Rising panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Animation executive Cort Lane revealed the reason that Spider-Gwen will now be known as Ghost Spider. When asked why the change was happening by a fan, Lane offered a reasonable response.

"Well, if she was going out and about as Spider-Gwen it would blow her cover," Lane said. "So we all got together with our writers and creative team and took her skills and ability and how she goes around in secret."

It looks like that name is going to stick around in the wider Marvel Universe, as well, as the original Spider-Gwen comic by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez just came to an end.

Marvel Comics is already teasing the character will continue on in some capacity, revealing Ghost Spider as the likely name of a new volume featuring Gwen Stacy's heroic alter ego. There was one tease in the cover that seemed to indicate she could be making a jump to the main Marvel Universe, affectionately referred to by fans as Earth-616.

In the new teaser, which came with text that distinctly refers to this as Ghost Spider's debut, the hero formerly known as Spider-Gwen has a backpack with a keychain of a Spider-Man figure — who does not exist in her dimension, so there is unlikely to be any merchandise of him.

It sounds like a version Spider-Gwen is about to make an imminent impact in the mainstream Marvel Universe, but whether it's actually Gwen Stacy under the hood remains to be seen.

In Marvel Rising, Spider Ghost will be voiced by Dove Cameron, who recently had a guest stint on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as the villain Ruby. She'll share the screen in the animated series with former co-star Chloe Bennet, who reprises her role as Quake.

Bennet teased their characters' relationship during the Marvel Rising panel.

"It is not Ruby and Daisy, they have a moment and an almost coming together. It is a weird coincidence we get to work together again," Bennet said.


Marvel Rising: Initiative premieres on Disney XD on August 13th.