Marvel Announces Six New Movie Release Dates For 2021 And 2022

Disney and Marvel are finally teasing some plans for Phase 4.

Marvel Studios just revealed six new release dates, spread out over 2021 and 2022. Three films will hit in each year, though that could change at some point down the line. For 2021 the films hit in May, July, and November, while 2022's films hit in February, May, and July. That is a similar layout to how 2017 and 2017 played out, and you can see the specific dates below.

UNTITLED MARVEL now dated on 5/7/21
UNTITLED MARVEL now dated on 7/30/21
UNTITLED MARVEL now dated on 11/5/21

UNTITLED MARVEL now dated on 2/18/22
UNTITLED MARVEL now dated on 5/6/22
UNTITLED MARVEL now dated on 7/29/22

Now, as to what these are is anyone's guess, though we do have a few ideas. Odds are one of these is a Black Panther sequel, though that could also be the moved up mystery 2020 title. Next on the list would be another Thor sequel, providing Thor survives Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4. Still, Chris Hemsworth and director Taika Waititi seem keen on working together again in the future, and Ragnarok became a juggernaut at the box office, so this could end up happening.

A Captain Marvel sequel will also likely be included in the 2022 films, and a Doctor Strange sequel could end up being among the 2021 group. Somewhere in there is probably a core Captain America or Iron Man film, though it might end up being whoever takes the torch from those two, depending on how Avengers 4 plays out.

Another Avengers movie also seems likely, but then again if it happens it would probably be a very different team.

That's also just counting the established (or about to be established in Captain Marvel's case) characters, so it's possible that new characters will be coming in as well.


The future looks quite bright for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it will also likely be very very different.

In the meantime, fans can enjoy Black Panther, which is in theaters now. Avengers: Infinity War lands in theaters on April 27, and Ant-Man and The Wasp soars into theaters on July 6.