JJ Abrams’ Spider-Man Story Kills Off Major Character

This week, JJ Abrams and son Henry Abrams begin their Spider-Man run with artist Sara Pichelli. [...]

This week, JJ Abrams and son Henry Abrams begin their Spider-Man run with artist Sara Pichelli. The creative team wasted no time in shocking Marvel fans with an issue that kills off a major Spider-Man character very early on, setting Peter Parker's life on a very different path than what most fans are familiar with. Peter Parker's life — at the life of this version of Peter Parker — will never be the same after this unexpected twist, and there may be no going back to the relatively light-hearted days of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. SPOILERS for Spider-Man #1 by JJ Abrams, Henry Abrams, and Sara Pichelli follow.

Spider-Man #1 opens with Spider-Man taking on a mysterious new villain called Cadaverous. The villain has a legion of minions with him and Spider-Man seems to have fought him to a standstill on a bridge.

Mary Jane shows up and finds Spider-Man. She tells him that he has to leave, that "the rules" are different now. Before they can take action, Cadaverous finds them and attacks. Spider-Man becomes overwhelmed, and Mary Jane doesn't make it out alive:

Mary Jane Watson Death
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

The reason the rules are different, as MJ tried to remind Peter, is that they have a son, Ben Parker. The issue jumps forward 12 years to reveal how Mary Jane's death has affected Peter and Ben. Peter is no longer Spider-Man. Instead, he's laser-focused on his career as a photojournalist, to the detriment of his relationship with his son.

Ben is a teenager living with Aunt May and struggling to fit in at school. Ben's latest outburst lands him in detention and after coming home, his hand gets stuck on the doorknob. He wakes up later that night to find himself stuck to the ceiling. Aunt May suggests he should spend some time in the attic with a box of his father's old stuff. There, beneath the letters and photos. Ben finds his father's old Spider-Man costume, still damaged from his last battle, which seems to set Ben on the path to becoming a new Spider-Man.

What do you think of Mary Jane's death in Spider-Man #1? Let us know in the comments. Spider-Man #1 is on sale now.

Spider-Man #1
(W) J. J. Abrams, Henry Abrams (A) Sara Pichelli (CA) Olivier Coipel


The most shocking and incredible comic of 2019 is here as J.J. ABRAMS (STAR WARS, STAR TREK, SUPER 8) and his son HENRY ABRAMS are joined by superstar artist SARA PICHELLI (MILES MORALES, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) team up for SPIDER-MAN! What do they have planned for Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson?! Who is Cadaverous?! The Modern Master of Mystery Makes His Marvel this September!

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