Marvel Star Sebastian Stan Still Doesn't Know When Bucky Is Coming Back

Last year saw the most Marvel Studios content ever released with four feature films and five TV shows across the calendar. Among them was The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, originally meant to be the first series out of the gate but which swapped with WandaVision after COVID-19 delays. In the series Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie made their triumphant return to the MCU, with the later fully becoming the new Captain America by the end of it. Once the finale of that series premiered the news of a fourth Captain America movie starring Mackie was already announced, but when we'll get to see Stan as Bucky again remains unclear, even to him. 

Speaking in an interview with about the upcoming movie The 355, we asked Stan if he knows when he'll next be appearing in the MCU, and sadly the answer was a big shrug emoji. "I don't, I really don't. I haven't known that for ten plus years, I always am very happy when I get to live another day, hopefully before I get too old. We'll see, anything is possible." The Winter Soldier previously took to Instagram to post the news of Mackie starring in a Captain America 4, adding the two word caption: "Hell. Yes."

Considering Stan has previously appeared in the other three movies for Captain America many fans might expect him to show up, and the actor himself might expect it to boot, especially since he and Mackie have been paired up in the MCU since Captain America: Civil War.

"It varies, project to project, cast to cast," Marvel head Kevin Feige previously said about their new strategy for talent deals. "Really, what we want are people that come in, are excited to be in the universe, are excited at the opportunity to do more things, as opposed to being locked into contractual obligations." Marvel notoriously had actors locked down to multi-picture deals in the past.

Following his appearances in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Stan lent his voice to his character for the animated series Marvel's What If...? for two episodes. 

Considering what we know about the next batch of Marvel projects though, Captain America 4 and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever seem like the most obvious places for Bucky to reappear, though Secret Invasion and Armor Wars also seem like potential homes for the Winter Soldier as well.

Where do you think we'll next see Bucky Barnes in the MCU? Sound off in the comments below and let us know.