Marvel Teases Death of Major X-Men Character

The X-Men have conquered quite a bit over the course of House of X and Powers of X, and in [...]

The X-Men have conquered quite a bit over the course of House of X and Powers of X, and in addition to landing their own nation, the X-Men have somehow managed to master the art of rebirth. One of the perks of being in Krakoa and a mutant these days is the fact that even if you die you have the ability to be brought back to life by the talents of The Five. That's how Xavier could be assassinated and then come back with his soul and mind intact. Unfortunately, they might have discovered their limit to the process, as Marvel is teasing that a recent death at the hands of Sebastian Shaw might be permanent, and unfortunately, the X-Man who died is none other than Kate Pryde.

As fans saw in the last issue of Marauders, Sebastian Shaw set up the team and Kate and then ambushed her, trapping her and sending her to the bottom of the ocean. It appears that Kate ran out of air, though everyone thought that she would simply be taken back to Krakoa and reborn.

As you can see in the latest tease, Kate is seen on a bed with Emma and Storm beside her, and the caption reads "The X-Men Thought They Conquered Death. Looks Like They Were Wrong. Marauders #11."

(Photo: Marvel)

That does not bode well for Kate, but if she is the one who can't come back from the dead, it would actually make sense. Kate has been unable to live in Krakoa and pass through the gates for some reason, and so far no one has been able to figure out why. If this isn't some sort of manipulation from an outside force, then perhaps this is what keeps her from being able to be reborn via Krakoa and The Five as well.

Of crouse, there are other reasons possibly. In the recent issue of X-Men Fantastic Four we saw that Reed Richards designed and injected a chip in Franklin Richards that covers up his mutant gene, keeping him from entering the gates as well. Perhaps this is the same with Kate Pryde, but the question remains who did it. Odds are it was Sebastian, but it could always have been Emma Frost.

Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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