Thor Actor Chris Hemsworth Reveals What Marvel Props He Took From the Sets

Thor star Chris Hemsworth revealed what Marvel props he took from the sets of his films. Jimmy Kimmel had the God of Thunder on his show to talk about his upcoming project, Extraction on Netflix. Hemsworth actually revealed that he has Thor's original version of Mjolnir and Stormbreaker chilling at his house in Australia. Kind of wild to think that if you were to walk in there are two legendary weapons from the MCU chilling in clear view, but these are the perks of being an Avenger. There is literally no chance that he's the only person among the first team of heroes that hasn't run off with some of the props, so there's nothing to worry about in that regard. In fact, Kevin Feige and the Marvel Studios brass probably know how many of these items have disappeared over the years.

Elsa Pataky, Hemsworth's wife, has mentioned the star's love of the hammer props before. She told Men's health last fall that the Marvel star has been sneaking souvenirs for a while. In fact, this weird habit has birthed a new rule in their house: no more hammers.

"Yes, he always picks the best places in the house," Pataky said. And you should know that Hemsworth brings home at least one Mjolnir from each film. Sometimes a couple more for good measure. "It's not going there," she said. "We have five of them for every movie he's done. Like, seriously, no."

Hemsworth had planned to reconnect with his family last year after Avengers: Endgame. Now, he's getting even more time to share with all of them as they self-isolate.

"This year I probably won't shoot anything. I just want to be at home now with my kids," Hemsworth said last year during an interview. "They are at a very important age. They are still young and they are aware when I leave more than before. I have this year where I'm probably not going to shoot anything. I have a press tour, a few endorsements and bits and pieces, but mostly just be home. If you went back 10 years and asked me what would be my dream scenario, this is kind of it. I can now sit back, enjoy and appreciate it, and stop chasing [movies]."


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