Thor's Mission Stopped By Major Marvel Heroine

Thor #3 might have felt like a calm before the storm in some ways, but one of Thor’s oldest allies entered the fray in the final moments. *Spoilers for Thor #3 are on the way.* Lady Sif came onto the battlefield just in time and it looks like that might have saved Beta Ray Bill’s bacon after the tussle he had with the King of Asgard. That battle took up a ton of the pages this issue as old adversaries coming onto the scene and questioning Thor’s judgment seems to be an early theme in this run. Donny Cates’ take on the god seems to be heading in a bit of a different direction, but it has been a lot of fun in a very short time. Now, he will have to do battle with Lady Sif as well if he’s to save the universe from destruction.

Galactus has Thor as one of his heralds and makes quick work of a planet in line with what fans have seen before. However, Bill wants to stop this madness and has to come face to face with a man he considers his brother to make it happen. It becomes clear to the alien that Thor chose this path for himself. He’s been armed with the power cosmic as a result of his alliance with the world-eater. Once upon a time, Bill and the Asgardian stood on almost equal footing, but now, the gap in power has widened considerably.

That shared history is something that comes into sharp focus over the course of the issue. Bill is just trying to get through to his friend. Thor exposes his natural form and insists that he stands above his former ally. The god tosses his hammer directly at Bill and the proud warrior catches it. But, the king turns it around on him by summoning his hammer back. When Bill tries to hang on to Mjolnir, it becomes clear that if he hangs on it will take his arm with him. When the alien still doesn’t relent, Thor brings Stormbreaker crashing down on the hammer, shattering it into a ton of pieces.

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(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

All hope looks lost for the Korbinite, until a rainbow flash descends from above. Sif stands between the two and tells Thor that the only path to Bill is through her. How will he respond to such a challenge. In trying to save the universe from The Black Winter, he might have to fight and vanquish every person that used to be considered a friend. But, breaking Stormbreaker shows that Thor is willing to embrace any option that might lead to the universe’s salvation. Whatever happens next, it will probably hurt more emotionally than physically.

Thor #3 is available right now.

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