Marvel To Honor Jack Kirby With Week Long Celebration

(Photo: Marvel)

On August 28th, Jack Kirby would be celebrating his 99th birthday. The legendary comic creator stands as one of Marvel Comics' most beloved minds as he either created or co-created heroes such as Hulk, Thor, The X-Men, Fantastic Four, The Avengers, The Silver Surfer, and many more. So, it makes sense that the famed publishing house would want to celebrate Kirby's legacy, and Marvel is doing just that with 'Kirby Week.'

From August 23-28th, Marvel will be bring fans closer to Kirby than ever before as they released exclusive interviews and content to honor the late creator. And, to kick the week off right, Marvel has uploaded an in-depth article devoted to one of Kirby's most monstrous creators - The Hulk.

If you're curious as to what fans can expect from 'Kirby Week,' then feel free to check out the event's highlights below:

" will also be releasing several podcasts speaking with Neal Kirby, as well as comic book historian, Peter Sanderson, for exclusive interviews on how Jack Kirby has influenced some of the most iconic creative voices and talent of today. Additionally, will also be sharing some of the most iconic moments from Jack Kirby's historic catalogue of Marvel milestones all week long."

Fans taking part in the celebration are encourage to share their favorite Kirby stories online and use the hashtag #KirbyWeek to connect with fellow readers. Of course, there's no shortage of fans when it comes to Jack "The King" Kirby. The man's decade spanned decades and countless genres, leaving him with a massive fanbase who continue to champion his work even today.


Of course, Kirby isn't exclusively known for his work with Marvel Comics. The creator also made content for publishing houses such as DC Comics, but his lifelong work was situated within the Marvel Universe. However, Kirby's estate did famously seek copyright royalties from both Marvel and Disney after the creator's death, making fans wonder whether the companies would treat the creator's works differently. But, unsurprisingly, Marvel and Disney continue to treat Kirby's work with the kind of care the man would've shown himself.