Marvel Ultimate Alliance Is Likely Coming To PS4 And Xbox One

Ultimate Alliance Cover
(Photo: Activision)

It appears that Marvel and Activision's Ultimate Alliance games are making their way to current gen consoles.

The news comes courtesy of the Taiwan Game Software Ratings Board, who posted the games on their site, with a rating of auxiliary 12 and the publisher listed as Activision Europe. In addition to those two games, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron was also contained in the listing (via Gematsu).

The Ultimate Alliance games were natural progressions from the two previous X-Men: Legends games, which were developed by Raven Software. While Raven developed the first Ultimate Alliance, the second game was taken over by Vicarious Visions and took on the popular Civil War storyline seen in the comics.

All of the above-mentioned games were received well, and they all implemented the classic beat-'em-up formula along with four player co-op play. The mechanics were sound, if not revolutionary, but they excelled at truly capturing the essence of the heroes you controlled. The games were also littered with fan service and included bonuses for using certain teams or costumes together.


The second Ultimate Alliance released back in 2009, and with Marvel Studios rolling at a good pace with their film franchises, it makes sense that Activision would look to capitalize with a few remasters. If they do well, perhaps we'll get an Ultimate Alliance 3 somewhere down the line.