Marvel's What If Writer Addresses Multiple Iron Man Deaths

What If...? writer A.C. Bradley recently addressed how many times the show has killed Tony Stark. In a conversation with EW, the Marvel scribe explained what they were thinking when making these stories surrounding Iron Man. It's not like they went into every writing session pledging to kill Tony Stark, it just sort of happened that way. Whether it was getting drugged and assassinated during the second episode or being murdered by Killmonger later on. It's been a rough go of things for Iron Man on the Disney+ show. (Not to be outdone, Vision is possibly going to be killed for like the fourth time this year.) Bradley stressed that one of the big perks while working on What If…? has been the ability to do things that creators aren't allowed to do in the MCU. And when you have that kind of power, you have free reign to explore some pretty dark places. Sometimes those locales lead to a beloved Avenger meeting a bad end.

"Our 10th episode was a more light, upbeat Tony Stark episode," she told the outlet. "I noticed on Twitter we're getting a lot of crap for killing Tony a lot. He has become the Kenny of the What If…? universe by accident."

"The most liberating part of What If…? has been writing things you'll never see in the movies, which includes killing off our heroes, ending the world, just going full out," Bradley said. "I'm excited for people to see that we're not going in there clueless, that there was a bit of a bigger plan. I'm aware that many of the episodes end tragically, and there might be a reason. I'm hoping people have enjoyed the ride so far, and that the finale gives them everything we promised."

Some fans are absolutely over the moon with the direction of What If…? Kevin Smith talked about the show on FatMan Beyond this week.

"I did not watch 'What If...?' as they happened week by week because I was busy with my head up my own ass making a movie, so I got to watch them all in a row. F**king fantastic. Everything that I hoped that that series would be."


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