Marvel Releases Video on the Future of the X-Men

Marvel today released a new video teasing the future of the X-Men under the guidance of writer Jonathan Hickman. The video finishes of the publisher’s series of videos chronicling the seminal moments in X-Men history. The publisher has promoted Hickman’s upcoming run on the franchise as the next in that line of seminal moments.

“The reason why I’ve been hired to work on a book is to do my version of the book,” Hickman says in the video. “If not, I’m just a writer who’s writing the most neutral, generic version of the archetypal version of the X-Men. I think it’s important for me as an artist, as an author, as a writer to do what my version of it is.”

Hickman’s new era begins in the dual miniseries House of X and Powers of X. Hickman goes on to say that while his version of the X-Men will be distinctly his own, it will build on the continuity that has come before it.

“The power of the Marvel Universe is our super consistency of our overall continuity like we’ve been telling the same story for 50 years,” he says. “What I do is I use that mechanism to create an internal continuity into the books that I’m doing so if I’m telling a longer story it remains consistent to itself and so it feels super relevant to the people who have been reading it whether you’re on issue one or issue 50 or 60 or whatever that I’m doing.”

Hickman is working with editor Jordan D. White on this new X-Men vision. White recalls being taken aback by how audacious Hickman’s pitch was.

“Jonathan came into the office for a meeting and he told us his plan,” White says. “What happens in House of X and Powers of X isn’t going to only affect the five characters on the cover of House of X #1. It’s a story that spans all of mutantkind and that in turn will affect the entire Marvel Universe.


“I think it’s really exciting,” he continues. “I mean, the stuff he has planned for X-Men, it really shakes things up. The first time he told it to me I was upset. I was like, ‘No, we can’t do that. We can’t do that.’ The more I thought about it the more I went, ‘Wait, hang on, what if we did?’ I was immediately impressed by how thorough it was and how intricate it was and how brilliant his planning is and how brilliant his idea was and I can’t tell you why.”

Are you excited for the future of the X-Men? Let us know in the comments. House of X #1 and Powers of X #1 go on sale in July.