Marvel Is Bringing Back 'X-Statix'

Marvel is bringing back X-Statix, the X-Men spinoff series featuring celebrity mutants. Giant-Sized X-Statix #1 will reunite the original X-Statix creative team of writer Peter Milligan and artists Michael Allred and Laura Allred in July. X-Statix began as a reboot of X-Force, but the team was forced to change its name when Cable's old squad came asking about the rights. Based on the cover to Giant-Size X-Statix, some classic team members will be returning, including U-Go Girl, Anarchist, Vivisector, Dead Girl, Phat, Orphan, Zeitgeist, and Doop, though some of them may not be the same versions of the character that fans remember.

The U-Go Girl featured in the issue is confirmed to be a new version of the character. As for who she is, Allred tells Newsarama, "Let's have some fun by suggesting people dig back through the original run for the foreshadowing. Of course, this special works as a nifty primer too. No one needs to read the original run to pick up where we start here. I will say she is already one of my all-time favorite characters ever!"

Allred remained guarded about the issue's plot. "You know I can't answer that without making some surly crack about secrecy, right?" he said. "If Peter wants to give the skinny, cool. But I'm the kind of fella that won't watch a trailer if I already know I'm going to see the movie. Lotsa surprises here. And I don't wanna spoil anything. Once I start, my enthusiasm prevents me from corking up again. So, I'll just say that folks can relish the return of beloved characters, as well as guarantee new ones to fall in love with. And maybe, just maybe, some blood will be spilt."

Giant-Size X-Statix
(Photo: Michael Allred, Laura Allred, Marvel Entertainment)

Allred also remained vague about whether there's a future planned for X-Statix beyond the giant-size special. "I was specifically asked not to say," he said. "So let that be my answer. Stir and stew."

When Milligan and the Allreds took over X-Force in 2001, they reimagined the team as a celebrity mutant squad for the reality TV generation. In typical X-Men fashion, the team had lots of interpersonal conflicts. In the case of X-Statix, the conflicts often had more to do with who got the most spotlight during missions than with typical love triangles.

Are you excited for the return of X-Statix? Let us know in the comments. Giant-Size X-Statix goes on sale in July.



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