Marvel's Josh Brolin Dressed As A Giant Baby For Halloween

Though Halloween took place over the weekend, photos and videos of celebrity costumes continue to be revealed online. Former Marvel Cinematic Universe star Josh Brolin has now taken to Instagram to reveal what he was sporting on Saturday night, posting photos and a video of him in an inflatable giant baby costume. Though known for playing comic book badasses like Cable in Deadpool 2 and the mad titan himself Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, it's a little surprising to see Brolin in such a disarming getup. In any event, he rocked the baby suit alongside his wife as a witch. Check out the video below!

Brolin recently made headlines for openly speaking about his time opposite Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2, comparing it to a "business transaction."Deadpool was hard," Brolin told cinematographer Roger Deakins on the Team Deakins podcast. "Even though it was funny, it was harder. That was more of a business transaction, it was more, 'We need to make this like this,' whereas I didn't feel that way with Avengers."

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In the same interview he spoke about his other Marvel character Thanos, sharing why he decided to play the villain and revealing that when he first signed on for the role he was given a character bible that revealed the Mad Titan would take on all the heroes and for him, that was the selling point.

"I turned down quite a bit of those things and again people were like ‘money!' When I said yes to Avengers it was a small thing. It was basically a cameo, so there was not a lot of money involved," Brolin said. "So that wasn't the reason. But when they came to me they gave me a big bible. I loved that it was all [of them]. If it had been one of the Avengers -- and I don't mean this, I probably shouldn't say this but I'm just gonna say it -- I probably wouldn't have done it. But the fact that it was all the Avengers against this one guy. I liked that aspect of it."

Considering the way that Thanos went out at the end of Avengers: Endgame it seems unlikely that Brolin will return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe at any time in the future. In a cinematic universe that has already established time travel and prequel movies though, anything is fair game.