Marvel's Kevin Feige Addresses "Superhero Fatigue"

There has been talk of the dreaded superhero fatigue when it comes to superhero movies, but Marvel [...]

There has been talk of the dreaded superhero fatigue when it comes to superhero movies, but Marvel doesn't feel like that will happen anytime soon.

Marvel's latest film Black Panther is nothing like their previous movie Thor: Ragnarok, which was also quite different from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It's that diversity of genre that Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige believes will prevent Marvel from hitting that superhero fatigue wall.

"That's the reason we make the movies we make and the way we make them," Feige told Vulture. "For years, predating the history of Marvel Studios itself, people asked me about superhero fatigue and if it was a fad or a phase. I say, if they're all different, if they're all special, nobody will get tired of these things before we at Marvel Studios will, since we live and breathe these things 24 hours a day. You make films like Thor: Ragnarok, like Homecoming, like Guardians of the Galaxy, certainly like Panther, and the upcoming Infinity War to keep it interesting and change it up. And we will continue to do that."

Their upcoming slate is just as all over the map. Black Panther will provide something completely different from the epic in the making Avengers: Infinity War, and after that Marvel takes another creative turn with the more comedic (but no less action packed) Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Marvel's also not afraid to change up its franchises on the fly. Thor: Ragnarok was a big departure from the two Thor films that came before it, and the Captain America movies have also changed with each entry. That won't change anytime soon, and Feige hopes to deliver on the entire Phase 3 slate.

"I think about it through 2019, through the movies we've already shot or are about to start filming," Feige said. "I'm hoping to deliver on everything we've promised thus far."

Next up is Black Panther, which lands in theaters on February 16, followed by Avengers: Infinity War, which hits theaters on May 4.