Marvel's Kevin Feige Reveals His Favorite Part of Making Movies

Marvel head Kevin Feige has been involved in making movies out of comics from the House of Ideas for over twenty years, getting his start on the earliest of the X-Men movies at 20th Century Fox long before he was the mastermind behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now with over 25 movies under his belt at Marvel Studios proper, plus multiple ongoing TV shows and countless other projects in the works, he has a firm grasp on how he likes to do things and which parts are his favorites. Speaking in a new interview released by Sony Pictures for Spider-Man: No Way Home, Feige revealed what his favorite part of the entire process is, and it's when the slate is at its cleanest.

"Sitting in a room, in this case it was a conference room at Marvel Studios, with the team is always my favorite part of the process, where anything is possible," Feige said. The Oscar-nominated producer went on to describe what this scenario was like for the new Spider-Man movie, adding: "We knew coming out of Far From Home that we didn't want to shy away from the fact that his identity is now revealed, it's out there, and that was certainly always the starting point, and with Erik Sommers and Chris McKenna and our director Jon Watts and Amy Pascal we sat and just started brainstorming, what happens next? What happens to him as he starts to- as he swings away form Madison Square Garden where that big TV screen outed his identity? And how does his life change and get turned upside down? And more importantly how does it effect his friends? 

Feige continued, "Peter Parker can handle a lot, but when he starts to see his friends being effected by his actions unfairly that really is emotionally draining for him. So that was always early on where it was, and we had a lot of fun discussions, it's always, having a discussion of 'You know what would be cool? It would be cool if we did this, it would be cool if we did that.' As I said I'd always been saying if we ever brought Ock back you'd have to bring Alfred Molina in, and how would you do that? We thought it might be fun someday 

Little did they know on that day they thought of doing it "someday" that they'd bring back Alfred Molina in a big way for the movie they were currently working on.