Marvel's Monsters Unleashed Behind The Scenes Featurette Released

Monsters Unleashed is set to be one of the biggest Marvel events of 2017, and the entertaining [...]

Monsters Unleashed is set to be one of the biggest Marvel events of 2017, and the entertaining premise has allowed the creators there to expand their universe in a myriad of creative ways.

When all the monsters in the Marvel universe attack at the same time, there isn't room for egos or divisiveness amongst the planet's heroes. If you've been keeping up with Marvel's Civil War II, that is not going to be an easy task.

"Hundreds and thousands of monsters have descended onto the Marvel Universe to wreak havoc. This is an all hands on deck situation for the Marvel heroes. All the Marvel superheroes have to get past whatever differences they have with each other, unify, and fight against this for the fate of the planet."

This fight couldn't come at a worse time, as no one eve knows where Iron Man is, Captain America is a double agent and the universe down a Hulk.

The team saw this as an opportunity to create some new monsters to tangle with. "We took it upon ourselves to create monsters for the 21st century," said Alonso. "To take the monsters that inspired us when we were kids reading these comic books. What would they look like today in the Marvel universe, and we put five of our hottest artist, Adam Kubert, Leinil Yu, Steve McNiven, Salvador Larrocca, and Greg Land, and we put them all to the task of creating their vision for a cool monster in the Marvel Universe in the 21st century, and we think they all rose to the challenge."

"We told them something out of a nightmare, something that you would want Captain America to punch right in the face," said Assistant Editor Christina Harrington. "Cullen Bunn, our wonderful writer, has sort of tapped the imagination of anybody who's obsessed with Kaiju films or monster movies of any kind "

Monsters Unleashed #1 hits comic shops this January.

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