Marvel's 'Amazing Spider-Man' #800 Includes Post-Credit Scene

Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man #800 held the final battle between Spider-man and the Red Goblin, but it also held a big seed for the future for those who stuck around after the credits.

Spoilers incoming for Amazing Spider-Man #800, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned. You can also read our full review here.

Many of Spider-Man's allies made appearances in Amazing Spider-Man #800, but it also featured a few former enemies, including a certain four armed curmudgeon known as Doctor Octopus. The Red Gobin targeted Aunt May during his revenge tour, but before he could get to her Doc Ock intervened, as he swore that no harm would come to someone as kind as May.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

He was able to hold off the Goblin until Spider-Man arrived, where Peter learned that during the fray Goblin had sent a barrage of shards towards May. Otto derived in front of her and took them instead, and while the adversaries have their issues, Peter was able to appreciate what Ock did for his Aunt. Otto also explains that he still has Peter's memories rattling around in his brain, and those ideals of great power and responsibility.

That's the last we see of Doctor Octopus in the issue until the post-credits sequence, where Dr. Modell is giving a tour of Horizon University to a new hire. As he walks into the facility he introduces the new hire to Anna Marconi, but as he walks by her Marconi seems to notice something but can't peg it. The mysterious man is slim and in a black suit with the short haircut, and when Modell introduces her as Ms. the mysterious man says "Mrs. Marconi was it?" She reaffirms Ms. but seems in deep thought after he leaves.

Once he is in the next room Modell shows him his new office, and we finally get to see his face. It's a much younger man who is wearing a green tie, but it is his words that give it away. "Then I shall endeavor to exceed your expectations. Let others settle for greatness Max. I always strive to be superior."


Yep, you can pinpoint that ego anywhere. It appears Otto Octavius not only survived the last fight but also is sporting a brand new look and has a new name. Whether he is going to be a hero or a villain remains to be seen, but it will certainly be entertaining.

You can find the spoiler image above. Amazing Spider-Man #800 is in comic stores now.