Moon Knight Artist Bill Sienkiewicz Lobbies for Involvement with Show

One of Disney's biggest reveals at D23 was actually three reveals for Disney+ in the form of a She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, and Moon Knight. The latter was the biggest surprise of the night though, as Moon Knight has reached cult status in the Marvel Universe, and we weren't sure if Disney would feature the hero in a big-time project connected to the MCU. It seems that is going to be the case though, and artist Bill Sienkiewicz, who is synonymous with the character, is definitely up for helping with the show if Disney will let him.

Sienkiewicz took to Twitter to let Disney know he's available, tweeting "Yes. I'd absolutely love that. @disneyplus: you have my contact info, but just in case, here it is again"

He would also later mention the show once more, this time suggesting it could help fill the void left by FOX's Legion, though that is a very high bar, something he is aware of. "Cool," Sienkiewicz wrote. "No pressure, but potential to fill some of post-@LegionFX void...?"

Even before the announcement at D23, Sienkiewicz already picked who he would love to play the character of Marc Spector, and that's none other than Keanu Reeves. Reeves has been linked to Marvel Studios films for years, but it has yet to happen. For Sienkiewicz, this would be the perfect role.

"Keanu would nail every one of MK's alternate personalities; chill enough to be Lockley the cabby-or Lyft driver? (because f Uber), suave enough to pull off billionaire Grant, cold & cruel enough to nail the merc Spector, inscrutably badass enough to bring Moon Knight home," Sienkiewicz wrote.

He also offered up his pitch for what the series would tackle. "1/ I'd wager showrunners would explore multiple personalities angle. Dysfunction, conflict( internal and external), torment, highs & lows of what makes him tick. Having him in the MK attire would be icing and approximately ¼ of the drama. Great ensemble casting would paramount."

"2/ I came to realize then respect that #MoonKnight was a group book, not 'just' a solo character. As the series went on, Doug and I wanted to explore more group dynamics and interactions, mental health and repercussions (especially in 'Hit It!'). MK was there as the cherry on top"


Personally we're down with those ideas too, and here's hoping Marvel knocks it out of the park once more.

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