Moon Knight: Episode 4 is the Big One

Marvel Studios seems to have a way with making Episode 4 the gamechanger for its shows on Disney+. WandaVision pulled back the curtain and showed what was going on outside of Wanda's Westview world and showed people returning from Thanos' Blip. Loki's fourth episode was titled, "The Nexus Event," which sufficiently summarizes the wild course it sent the show on. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier gave us the unforgettable image of John Walker holding Captain America's shield with covered in blood as super soldier serum flowed through his veins. Hawkeye brought in Florence Pugh's Yelena Belova in after a Black Widow debut. Now, it is Moon Knight's turn to deliver a wild episode four, one which will drop three weeks from today.

"So getting that script, I suppose it was a bit like they took us into a room and were like, 'Guys, we need to talk to you about something,'" Moon Knight episode 4 co-director Justin Benson told "And they opened this large case and it was Excalibur." The metaphors come in to preserve spoilers which won't be sharing until after Episode 4 releases on  April 20. "Then, and we picked it up and it turned into a script," Benson added. "It was just, it was genuinely, it was a wonderful treasure, such a gift that, that we got to do that. And we were like jealous of ourselves when we found out we were doing that."

Aaron Moorhead, the episode's co-director with Benson, echoed the Excalibur metaphor's sentiment about Episode 4's script. "The golden light shined on us, like Pulp Fiction," Moorhead said. "Yeah. It was very, it was just as exciting for us and remains just as exciting for us, because we also, you know, of course there's a big surprise to be had. But it's also, I mean, we've, because we directed it we've seen it 8 million times and still love pressing play on those last 15 minutes." The duo, by the way, is going on to direct Season 2 of Loki. They are not the only cast and crew members from Moon Knight who are hyping up Episode 4.

"I like four and five," Moon Knight's Arthur Harrow actor Ethan Hawke told "They're my favorites, when the whole prism turns and you start to be not sure that you're even understand reality."

May Calamawy, who checks into Moon Knight as an original Layla character debuting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, shared the sentiment in a separate interview. "I wanna say four because of the end," Calamawy said. "There were amazing sets that were built and like, you're so lucky as an actor when that's there, because it's, you can imagine things but there's things you wouldn't have been able to imagine. And it's just like a gift, after gift. So yeah, huge testament to the set designers on that."

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