Moon Knight Season 2 Should Be All About the Midnight Suns

Suddenly, Moon Knight Season Two has found itself lodged into the minds of many. While Marvel Studios has yet to officially announce a second season of the Oscar Isaac-starring show, speculation started running rampant Wednesday night after a TikTok surfaced showing Isaac and Moon Knight helmer Mohamed Diab seemingly joking about a sophomore outing while hanging out in Cairo. Should the Fist of Khonshu get a second season on Disney+, where would the story go? Look no further than the Midnight Suns, of course.

Marvel's preeminent horror group has grown in popularity in recent years given the upcoming Midnight Suns video game and an accompanying comic mini-series. Though it started out as the Midnight Sons in the early 90s, the group has transformed throughout the years with various line-ups. Most recently, the group has seen its ranks include Blade, Wolverine, Magik, Zoe Laveau, Kushala, and Nico Minoru.

But that exact members is neither here nor there — it's the purpose of the team itself. As seen with virtually every other Marvel Studios property, second stabs at any project tend to grow larger and expand the cast out. Beings that the first season of Moon Knight cemented itself as one of Marvel's lone projects in the horror vertical, is makes sense for Isaac's Marc Spector to place himself at the root of the team—especially when dealing with supernatural threats.

By the time a potential second season would come out, Mahershala Ali's Blade reboot will have landed in theaters, further fleshing out that side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only that, but there's also the unnamed Halloween special Marvel Studios is producing in secret. Between those two projects, more than enough horror characters will be introduced to live-action.

Furthermore, we now know thanks to Marvel's big Daredevil: Born Again reveal that the studio is willing to expand beyond its typical six-episode output for live-action shows on Disney+, allowing time for an extended second season plenty of time to breath while balancing an ensemble of characters under a familiar brand.

Either way, a potential second season of Moon Knight is the perfect place to tell the story of Marvel's new Midnight Suns team.

Moon Knight is now streaming in its entirety on Disney+.


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