Ms. Marvel: Rish Shah Wants Kamran To Team Up With Bucky Barnes

The finale of Ms. Marvel was released on Disney+ last week, and fans are eager to find out what's next for the characters. Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) will be returning in The Marvels next year, but folks are hoping the series will get another season. There are lots of other characters from the show we want to see again, including Kamran (Rish Shah). Recently, Shah had a chat with The Hollywood Reporter about his MCU future and revealed which Marvel character he'd like to see Kamran team up with. 

"Oh my gosh. It's like you're a genie right now, and if I were to ask for a wish, it would be to have Kamran interact with Bucky in some way or form. I feel like he could learn a lot from the Winter Soldier, so that would be really cool. But having said that, I would also love to learn from Kareem, the Red Dagger, because he's probably a good person to help Kamran control his powers from the Noor," Shah shared. 

"I would love to call up the Marvel offices and bug them with questions, but unfortunately, it's not something I can do," Shah added when asked if he'll play Kamran again. "But if and when that ever happens, I would play Kamran again in a heartbeat. I wouldn't even blink. So I hope I get the opportunity again. This story has been so heartfelt and so passionately told by the entire team behind it, and there's all these wonderful characters. So Kamala has a very supportive community around her, and I hope all of us get the opportunity to come and play again. It was really the experience of a lifetime for a lot of us. I can only speak for myself, of course, but it was a dream role and I would absolutely kill to play Kamran again and again and again."

Recently, Vellani took part in a Reddit AMA and revealed her own answer to the team-up question.

"I would love to see a Kamala/Wolverine dynamic in the MCU. Also there is a really cool story where Kamala fights The Shocker and Bruno ends up seeing all of her possible futures and that makes me really emotional every time I read it," Vellani shared.

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