Spider-Man Fan Notices Detail That Proves Just How Psychotic Mysterio Is

It's all connected! The Marvel Cinematic Universe followed up Avengers: Endgame with Spider-Man: Far From Home, tying the epilogue of the Infinity Saga directly to the culmination of the Avengers fighting Thanos. As the story goes, Iron Man had to snap his fingers with the Infinity Stones embedded in his latest Iron Man suit. This cost Tony Stark his life and left a major impact on Peter Parker, a young Spider-Man who in the MCU's story has had his heroic efforts and training largely shaped by the former weapons manufacturer. Now, fans have spotted a detail in Spider-Man: Far From Home which emphasizes just how twisted the villainous Quentin Beck, Mysterio, really is.

When Peter was dressed in his black suit, the suit known to many as the Night Monkey, Mysterio came to the rescue to help defeat Molten Man. When he was charging up the powers in his suit, he ultimately raised his right hand and snapped his fingers before attacking as Peter looked on. This was likely meant to trigger Peter Parker's trauma of losing Tony Stark when Tony snapped his fingers.

See the video of Mysterio paying an evil homage to Tony Stark in the video below.

Did anybody else notice Mystetio's snap? from r/marvelstudios

Is this real? We can't know for sure. Next time I see director Jon Watts, I'll definitely ask him. But news about about the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been so scarce that this found itself on the top of Reddit and it was a fun enough notion to entertain it as an article for more eyeballs.

While it looked like Mysterio died from injuries he inflicted by himself before the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, there's a chance he survived as many Marvel fans are theorizing. His return could be in the forthcoming third Spider-Man movie in late 2021.


Marvel Studios producer Eric Carroll explained why they decided to go with a villain like Mysterio that connected with audiences before making it clear that he was the ultimate bad guy, revealing that they were inspired by the role in Doctor Strange. “We wanted to find our ‘in’ and similar to what we did with Mordo in Doctor Strange,” he said. “We wanted to give them time to have relationships so when and if we get to do something different with Mysterio, it really feels like a betrayal... and we’re hopefully setting the stage for something really spectacular and that feels really Spider-Man, which is, again, if we get to do something else with this character, then they’ve already got this really personal relationship.”

Clearly, Mysterio is so obsessed with the Avengers, he would have been aware of the Snap by Tony Stark. Do you think he snapped his fingers to trigger a harsh memory of Peter Parker? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram and Twitter.