New Mutants Reveals Multiple Marvel Comics Easter Eggs in Trailer 2

The New Mutants movie has managed to make a roaring comeback, just when Marvel fans had counted it out for good. This week (after more than a year of delay) we got the official full New Mutants trailer, which seemed to impress fans with the full vision of its superhero-meets-supernatural-horror genre blending. Well, those same fans may be even more impressed today, when they realize just how closely director Josh Boothe is drawing from X-Men comics in order to make this film. The New Mutants Twitter account has just revealed multiple Marvel Comics Easter eggs that are buried in trailer #2 - check those out, below!

Much of New Mutants' sotryline is drawn form the "Demon Bear" story arc from the mid-80s, by writer Chris Claremont and artist Bill Sienkiewicz. That arc centers on Dani Moonstar/Mirage's battle with demonic entity that killed her parents - and how her New Mutants teammates get caught in the crossfire. You can check out the full synopsis for the Demon Bear story below:

"When Mirage is severely injured after a confrontation with the mystical Demon Bear, the same creature believed to be responsible for the deaths of her parents, it's up to her teammates The New Mutants to find a way to thwart the deviant machinations of the sinister entity before it infects the world with it's shadow. Meanwhile, Mirage clings to life in the Mid-County Medical Center near Salem, New York, unable to aid her friends in their fight."

While the first clip clearly references Dani's initial encounter with the Demon Bear entity, other clips highlight how the demon bear forces nightmares of other New Mutants like Cannonball and Sunspot to come to life:

Finally, the film wonderfully adapts the comics' climatic moment of Illyana Rasputin / Magik (Anya Taylor-Joy in the film) using her own demon magic powers to defeat the Demon Bear:


Of course, while New Mutants is clearly honoring the source material it was spawned from, that doesn't mean the film isn't also taking liberties to tell its own version of the story. Clearly the premise is different, as the comics storyline followed an already-established New Mutants team, as opposed to the team origin story the film will explore. As such, the hospital where Moonstar is stuck in during the comics storyline has been converted into the strange, prison-like realm that starts off looking like a standard mental hospital.

The New Mutants will hit theaters on April 3rd.