Netflix Debuts New Interface For Marvel Shows

Netflix is home to some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's best television shows and now, the popular streaming service has begun to roll out an updated app that is sure to highlight their stable of Marvel shows.

Almost with vibes of the "Select A Fighter" screen on your favorite fighting video game, the new interface allows you to scroll through the six Marvel shows considered part of Netflix's ever-growing effort on original programming.

If you pause on a logo, a quick video clip plays of that character walking towards the camera and posing. If you continue to wait on the logo, a full-screen trailer of the show will play.

Should you not have access to the new Netflix update quite yet, have no fear. Reddit user /u/LazarusDark posted a video of the new interface earlier this evening.

Woah! Check out the new Marvel Netflix interface! from r/marvelstudios

The update fits right in line with Netflix and their attempt to double-down on original programming. According to a new study by Ampere Analysis, the go-to streaming service has currently commissioned upwards of 250 new properties original to the company. In contrast, Netflix currently has 229 movies and television shows listed as a "Netflix Original."

"All the major players have been expanding the number of original commissions in the face of an increasingly competitive market," Ampere analyst Richard Cooper explained in the report published by The Hollywood Reporter. "What's interesting is the different audience profile that each of the [services] appear to be targeting with their originals content, suggesting they're aiming at different niches within the SVOD market."

As far as Marvel Television's shows on Netflix are concerned, there doesn't seem any sign of stopping that particular content stream. A second season of Iron Fist was just released while Daredevil season three is scheduled for release in just a few short weeks on October 19. Not only that but additional seasons of The Punisher and Jessica Jones have either wrapped production or are awfully close to it.

Although the individual shows appear to be moving forward full steam ahead, a second season of team-up series The Defenders looks less likely, even though Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb isn't ruling it out just quite yet.

"No, all we've ever said is that there are no plans right now [to do more]," Loeb told EW when asked about a seemingly-never-happening second run of episodes.

"It doesn't mean that it's off the table. And it doesn't mean that it even has to be with the original characters that were in the first Defenders."