Old Man Logan Finally Leaves the Marvel Universe

Ever since the worlds of Marvel collided in Secret Wars, Old Man Logan has served as the publisher's stand-in for Wolverine, who was killed with adamantium not long before that. It didn't take long for this version of Logan to wear out his welcome though, as the once-exciting off-shoot character was seemingly forced into just about every X-book imaginable. Marvel then announced that the "real" Wolverine would be returning to continuity, paving the way for Old Man Logan to make his permanent exit back to the wasteland where he came from. After several events and minis over the last year or so, Old Man Logan is finally returning home, leaving the Marvel Universe in the hands of Wolverine once again.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Dead Man Logan #6! Continue reading at your own risk...

The 12-issue Dead Man Logan series was teased early on as the final goodbye for Old Man Logan, who has been slowly dying over the course of his time on Earth-616. While many thought that the series would mostly take place in the Wasteland, bringing Old Man Logan's story full circle, the first six issues focused on his story in our universe. In the recently released sixth issue, Logan spent some time saying goodbye to his colleagues and getting his affairs in order before deciding it was finally time to go home.

The X-Men had built a portal to send Logan back to the Wasteland, but it was only able to be used once, and for a short amount of time. So he had to be certain be was ready to leave when he made the call. By the end of #6, that time had come, and Logan stepped through the gateway back to his home.

So the second half of this limited series will be the Old Man Logan that fans fell in love with in the first place. He will be back in the hero-free Wasteland that he helped create, and he will spend every waking moment trying to right his wrongs and avenge his family.

In all likelihood, these six issues will be the last we see of Old Man Logan for sometime, and that's totally OK.

Dead Man Logan #6 is on sale now online and at your local comic book shop.



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