Oscars: CIA Fact Checks Black Panther on Twitter

The CIA wants its Twitter followers to know that Wakanda isn't real.

The CIA is best known as the United States' premier intelligence agency, using its special agents, spies, and intelligence gathering resources to keep the United States informed on the activities of both its allies and enemies. However, the spy agency also has an active Twitter presence...which it appearantly uses to inform followers that fictional movies aren't real.

For instance, the CIA seems very bitter about Black Panther, as it went on a multi-tweet explanation about how vibranium isn't real. The tweets were part of a "Reel vs. Real CIA" series in which a CIA scientist compared fictional technologies to emerging technologies in the real world.

The CIA also spent a little bit of time explaining how it could utilize some of the technology seen in Black Panther, pointing out how useful the lesotho blankets would be in a warzone or how nanoparticles would make spies even more effective in the field. Of course, that's exactly why Wakanda so closely guards its technology, so that the United States and other world powers couldn't use it to destabilize small countries.

Black Panther has won two Academy Awards so far and was nominated for Best Picture. The CIA, meanwhile, has won no Academy Awards to date.


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