'The Punisher' Leaves No Witnesses In New Clip

Leave no witnesses. #ThePunisher pic.twitter.com/oncf26oYvk— The Punisher (@ThePunisher) [...]

With the imminent debut of Frank Castle's solo series just days away from hitting Netflix, Marvel Television is starting to offer more glimpses at some of the brutal scenes in the series.

Picking up after the events of Daredevil Season Two, The Punisher features Castle (Jon Bernthal) reigniting his campaign of vengeance, hoping to find those responsible for his family's murder. He might be hot on their trail in this new clip, in which he goes up against a pair of motorcycle thugs while spinning nursery rhymes.

It's the kind of bed time story you tell your kids when they're naughty. Check out the clip above.

Castle appears to be chasing down some runaway members of the Dogs of War, one of the gangs he was targeting in Daredevil. Though he is presumed dead by law enforcement, Castle can't just let his quest for vengeance go just yet. After all, the Dogs of War and a few other gangs were involved in the shooting that claimed the lives of his wife and kids — that's not easily forgivable.

This scene likely takes place early on in the series, which shows the Punisher set his sights a little higher up in the chain of command. The series is said to deal with a conspiracy that Castle stumbles upon, hinting that his family was targeted for a very specific reason.

With all of the trailers teasing flashbacks to Castle's time in the military, the conspiracy might have something to do with his time in special forces before he returned home.

The Punisher is the latest Marvel series to hit Netflix, but don't expect much to do with The Defenders. Though Deborah Ann Woll reprises her Daredevil role as Karen Page in the series, she's the only character to pop up.

We recently learned that Marvel mandated no other character from The Defenders appears on the series, in order to ground The Punisher with a sense of grittiness and realism. The violent aspects of the character make it work better when it seems isolated, rather than surrounded by magic ninjas digging up dragon bones to achieve immortality.

Fans will get to binge The Punisher in its entirety when all 13 episodes premiere on Netflix this Friday, November 17.